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Three Days and counting!

29 May

So close! Bags are packed (mostly) and other travel things have been prepped. All of our 3oz liquids have been put into 1qt bags as required by the lovely TSA. I’ve been talking via email with a few English-speaking moms in Germany that have little boys, so Nate has a few friends waiting to meet him over there. It has been so nice having someone already there that I can ask questions to! Ah, the powers of the internet!

Nate’s last day of school was on Friday. His teachers did a little goodbye program so that his school friends could give him hugs and say their goodbyes. He was still a little sad, but the excitement of it all won out and he’s just ready to get on that plane. He’s been waking me up with “Guten Morgen!” and an update on how many days we have left before departure.

I did a test run of uploading pictures from our trip to the park yesterday and it works really nicely. If all goes according to plan, I’ll be bombarding tumblr with everything starting with the airport! Lucky you, right?


The countdown has begun!

25 May

Just seven days until we board our Lufthansa flight to Frankfurt! Suitcases have started to be packed, checklists are being crossed off, and oddly enough chaos (and his ugly friend panic) have not come knocking on our front door…yet. I’d like to keep it that way.

Blogging seems like the best way to put all of our favorite photos and memories from Germany all in one spot, so here it is! James and I will try to update often. Auf Wiedersehen!