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29 Nov

Is the day I can see my baby. It will be our first and probably only ultrasound. I will be 17 weeks (we think) and should also be able to tell the gender as long as the babe doesn’t have his/her legs crossed.

You’d better cooperate, Speck!

Also, the baby has been crazy active all week. Tonight we did an experiment and the boy actually got to feel Speck kick. It was the most precious thing to see his face light up. Yup. Crying again as I type that out. He’s going to be such an awesome brother. Sappy sappy mom moment guys 🙂

Oh, and my husband is awesome because he went to the store around midnight on Tuesday and this totally happened:

Yup. You should probably be jealous. Or disgusted. Probably both. I was. Still am. It was worth it though.


Its been a year

27 Nov

And we’re pregnant again. We’ve known for a while now…in fact, I am 16 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

We’re technically in the safe zone. Second trimester! WHAT WHAAAAAT! I know things can still go wrong, but the fact of the matter is that as of yesterday we still have a beautiful, strong heartbeat and have had one since 12 weeks. Friday, oh glorious Friday…we can see the little bugger and potentially even find out if it is a boy or a girl.

Oh and we call the baby Speck. When we found out, we told the boy pretty early on because I was so ridiculously sick and we didn’t want him thinking I was dying. He asked how big baby was and we explained about as big as a seed…a speck really. And well, Speck stuck. It grows on you 🙂

So, Speck is great. I have gained a whopping -1lb. I have been sick pretty consistently. I found a magical remedy that simultaneously allows me to sleep AND not vomit all day, so at least I can eat now. Same as with the Peanut, I had to skip into maternity wear pretty early. Unfortunately, I’ve gained another bra size (sad trombone). All in all, normal (albiet) annoying pregnancy symptoms. And they are wonderful. I still get paranoid that things will go wrong, but you know what….all I can do is just keep staying positive. Eat and exercise and just be thankful that so far, everything is healthy.

We’re moved into our new house and have a room that will become a nursery. So beyond thrilled to actually set it up. We’re still unpacking, slowly but surely.

Things are good. Really, really good 🙂