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So much stuff

30 Jan

I needed to update. Sorry. Ready for a long post? Snuggle up and get a snack, folks.

Baby progress has been going strong. I’m currently 22 weeks and 3 days. Baby girl is super active, as she has been for weeks. I’m hungry constantly…typical preggo stuff. Some days are great, some days are really hard.

We are *almost* done painting the nursery! We also have the crib (thanks Ikea) and a dresser/changing table (thanks Craigslist). Last night we scored an amazing deal on a stroller and carseat. Top of the line and ridiculously reduced price because the colors were being discontinued…don’t mind if I do. I’m a fan of high safety ratings, so these worked wonderfully.

Lets see…my diaper stash is pretty darn lovely. We stocked up on some prefolds and covers so that we can diaper from day 1! No disposables necessary for our newborn…I hope! The bad thing is that cloth diapers are really really addicting. How can you NOT want the adorable little fluff in every color and pattern? I only have solids, but still…RAINBOW BUTTS FOR ALL!

And now for a little bragging. This is my piece of internet, so I’m totally allowed to do it without feeling like a jerk. My husband is really freaking amazing. I’m so proud of him. He daily busts his butt to provide for the family and still makes time to be a superhero dad. He leaves tomorrow to fly across country for a potentially life-changing job interview. The most awesome part of it is that he wasn’t looking for the job…his credentials caught THEIR eye. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, he had a meeting with a textbook publisher today in regards to the lab manual he wrote for the university. He has met with another company before, but turned them down because they were going to charge the students too much. Today was a big one…he wanted to make sure they would not only make the manual affordable, but also offer a digital version…

And the company said that it was totally doable! Not only that, but they liked his lab materials enough that they asked if he would be interested in writing an actual textbook. WHAT?! So he has another meeting with the publisher next week. Oh and that’s not all…he got pulled into another meeting with his advisor and the publishing rep…to discuss him helping write another textbook. WHAT?

Kind of ridiculous. Fingers crossed that the universe continues to throw all the positivity at my lovely hubs. He deserves it 🙂 I couldn’t be a prouder wife.


Why I shouldn’t watch shows about birth

10 Jan

You know, I typically really respect people no matter what their birth experience is. I know that my choices aren’t the right thing for everyone. That’s ok. Some people get an epiudural. Some get induced. Some get c-sections.

I was watching Baby Story on TLC this morning. You know, the show where it follows a preg through her birth and whatnot. Well this chick was all “YEAH! I learned about options, got a midwife and a doula and waterbirth!!” and I was like,”Wow, they rarely show these kind of women! I’m excited to watch!” So, she gets to the hospital. Only 2cm dilated, contractions spaced, and not all the way effaced. In other words, not very far along at all. However, she’s screaming at her care team that she needs an epidural now. The midwife is baffled…that’s quite the extreme for a woman that was planning a natural birth. The doula tried all the techniques they practiced to calm her. She wasn’t having it. The medical staff even told her she wan’t far enough along to GET an epidural. She didn’t care. She’s laying in bed screaming “HELP ME HELP ME” because they were delaying the epidural until she had progressed at least a little bit more. Now, I know everyone has their own pain tolerance, but DAMN. She prepped for this, but then acted like any bit of discomfort was a shock. What did you think? So she screamed at all the staff until they gave her what she wanted.

Then, its time to push. Mind you, epidural has definitely kicked in. She pushed twice and then lays back and goes, “Yeah, I can’t do this. Sorry.” The staff just stared at her. Uh hello, there is a baby hanging out in your vagina. You kinda need to finish pushing it out. She kept arguing with them that she wasn’t going to do it. The midwife then tells her, “Look, the baby’s heartrate is dropping. Now you need to do something for your baby, not yourself.” Good. This woman was really getting on my nerves, someone needed to snap her back into reality. She didn’t want a c-section, but didn’t want to push it out…if anything was going to put the baby in distress it was sitting there in limbo and she didn’t want to do anything? Honestly, what was she expecting? Someone to just whip out some forceps and yank it out for her?

The whole thing was just annoying. And then women wonder why doctors laugh at them and believe that epidurals and c-sections should be the norm and get offended. Its because of this.

Thankfully no one really reads this or I’m sure I’d get lots of hate mail. But you know, its true. Women have to fight to give birth the way our bodies were designed because so many just don’t want the inconvenience. Its so backwards.

You know what stinks?

8 Jan

Not saving your draft and having the internet browser quit out on you. Darn you non-automatc-save!

Ok, so I was going to go all picture crazy. Your ready for this? First up, my awesome diaper stash!


Look at all those glorious colors! Let me warn you right now, buying diapers is addictive. So addictive that I need to take a break. Once February hits though…its on!

Next up, if you’re wondering what a ridiculously huge pre-20w belly looks like, let me give you a show…

christmas day 17w2d      jan1

Christmas Day-17w2d                                       New Year’s Eve-18w1d

Yep. So round. So baby-full. And I’m only halfway there. If I thought I was waddling before…I fear what 8 months will look like. C’est la vie! She’s growing and healthy and thats what counts. We did another ultrasound last Saturday because I was paranoid that she turned into a he. We’re safe, definitely still a little girl growing in there! Naturally that just means clearance to buy all the girly things in the world. We’ve purchased a few sets of onsies so far because there was a fantastic sale at Target. So fantastic that even my penny pinching hubby couldn’t turn away 🙂

The next question is typically “How are you feeling?” Usually I’m chipper, but I’ll be completely honest. I feel like poop. I was diagnosed with extremely low iron/anemia. It makes me super super tired. It also makes me get these crazy dizzy spells on a regular basis. Not like “hmm that’s odd”, but “Holy crap, I’m sweating, I’m seeing spots, I might fall down”. In fact, I did faint one day. Scared the crap out of the hubs, but luckily, I was at home and didn’t fall down. Iron pills and tons of iron-rich foods. I’m having trouble sleeping and dealing with nausea…still taking Unisom, but it only takes the edge off some days.

Side note, two people on Facebook posted pics of nachos. One posted about Coldstone Creamery, and they were eating spicy pickles on TV. I have ice cream, pickles, and homemade salsa. I drooled a little bit. I might actually eat all of those very shortly. Pregnant eating is terrifying and wonderful.