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Baby Watch 2013

30 May

Still nothing. In fact, my daily contractions have disappeared. Nice, huh? Here’s whats going on!

I started evening primrose oil (EPO) daily. Its supposed to help your cervix ripen. Hubs hates the term “ripe cervix” so I make sure to use it often. RIPEN MY CERVIX.

I’ve been walking nearly a mile every night. Walking supposedly helps. I’ve been doing it my whole pregnancy, but now I’m pushing to walk even more. Being fit and all that is good no matter what and god knows I am not up for going to the gym.

My midwife has suggested doing my “homework”. My son’s kindergarten teacher simply told me (much to my shock and awe) that I should “screw”. In other words, get baby out the same way we got her in. At this stage of the game…well…I’ll just let you all wonder whether or not I have attempted that method. After all, I’m a lady 😉

Bouncing on an exercise ball. Opens up the pelvis. Lots of fun.

As for old wive’s tales…I’ve been eating spicy food and pineapple as much as I can tolerate. Apparently both of those send people into labor. So far all I’ve gotten is an acid burn in my mouth from eating a whole pineapple in one sitting. Some old native American woman told my mother during one of her pregnancies to contort herself all these different ways and do handstands or something. Not doing it, lied and told my mom I would. She’s crazy.

Anyone got any other suggestions???


Dinner! Prosciutto wraped chicken and ricotta gnocchi

30 May

I decided to not be lazy and actually cook tonight. I wish I had taken a picture, but alas, I didn’t. However, here are my super easy instructions for a dinner that sounds fancy! It is really simple and really tasty…even my 6 year old took a bite of chicken, rolled his eyes back and goes “OH YEAHHHHH”.


1lb chicken breast

1 package prosciutto (1/4lb if you get it at the deli counter)

olive oil

salt and pepper

Preheat oven to 375. Coat bottom of baking dish with olive oil. Season chicken on both sides with pepper and a TINY bit of salt. Wrap each piece of chicken with prosciutto. Bake until chicken gets nice and golden, 20-30 minutes in my oven.


3c flour

10 oz ricotta cheese

3tbs fresh basil, finely chopped

2 eggs

1/4c water

3tbs olive oil

1tsp salt

In a large bowl, add your flour. Make a well in the center and add your eggs, salt, ricotta, and olive oil. Begin to mix your dough (I like to use a fork to start). Slowly incorporate water and kneed until it resembles play-doh consistency (very fancy terms here). You may not need all of the water. If it is too runny, feel free to add a little bit more flour.

Let the dough rest while you fill a large pot of water! Turn on the burner (important step lol)

Separate your dough into four balls and begin rolling into fat “snakes” (good job for kids to do). Using a butter knife, cut the snakes into 1 inch segments. 

By this time, your water should be boiling. Drop your gnocchi into the water while stirring after each addition to prevent them from sticking. Boil 5-10 minutes or until the majority of the gnocchi begin to float to the surface. Drain. Serve with your favorite sauce!

Are there fancier preparations? Of course. Did I probably take shortcuts? Duh. But what it comes down to is that it was ridiculously tasty and the whole meal took me 30 minutes from start to finish. Dats some skill 😉 Of course if you want to add other seasonings or use dry herbs, go for it. I’m a firm believer in the “dump stuff in” method of cooking. 

BUMP BUMP BUMP. Errrrbody do the bump!

27 May

Its been a while since bump pics. I know you’re all dying for some updated pics…

37 weeks and my maternity suit stopped fitting properly. That’s reassuring.


Or how about last week? 38w and looking like a midsize SUV!



Old blog post!

27 May

This was my original Pinterest rant. 

So, like a lot of people (women) I have an unnatural addiction to Pinterest. Unlike some, I actually do the things I pin. Recipes, crafts, etc. Sure there are a ton I haven’t gotten to yet and sure I post some things that look awesome that I will probably never get to…but lets be realistic here. We all know that the majority of people pinning will never do a single one of their pins. Last time I went to my sister-in-law’s I complimented her wine-crate coffee table. She excitedly told me it was a Pinterest craft! Then I noticed the new photo arrangement on the wall…another Pinterest find! We then had this exact convo about lazy pinners and us girls that actually do stuff. It was probably the silliest rant ever, but man it felt good.

Welcome to a rant on Pinterest.

So when you use Pinterest, you can just repin things. Fine. However, you can also click the picture again and it will take you to whatever website that image is from. Nearly every pin has a comment/description that says, “Best _____ ever!”  “Such a smart idea” but my favorite are the ones that say “OMG MUST BUY” or list very specific instructions like “HGTV says you can mix 1 gallon of paint with glitter and paint a wall! Who knew?!” That last one is a legit comment. It accompanies a picture of a very cute nursery with a wall full of sparkles. At first glance you’d think, “Hm, well I could totally see that working. Cool!” But then I think, “When glue dries, it is cloudy…and peels….hmmmm” So I went a step further and clicked the link. Guess what? That gorgeous wall isn’t glitter and glue painted on…its REALLY EXPENSIVE WALLPAPER. Based on how often I’ve seen that pin show up, I can only imagine the people that are going to take the bad advice and do it anyways.

Or even better, I saw a pin that I instantly recognized as a scene from Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. On board the futuristic space ship, they have a knife that toasts bread as you slice it. My first thought was really just a giggle…until I read the description. This had been repinned as an ACTUAL PRODUCT. That’s right. Dozens of women were repinning this thinking that they could buy it from Skymall or something for $50. We have officially hit a new level of stupid lazy. One extra click and they could realize just how silly they were.


Now lets go cover cardboard letters with yarn and make padded headboards ya’ll.

Importing from my old blog…September 2012

27 May

I started one on blogger in between my miscarriage and this pregnancy, but surprise surprise, forgot about it. In the spirit of updating while being boring and cranky and pregnant, I’ll spare you details of nothing. Here’s some sweet copy-paste action!

Pinterest Ranting 

Ok. I think we all need to step away from our computers for a sec and think about things. I know I just went on a Pinterest rant. I then went on to look at home decor ideas on Pinterest. I came across a pin about organizing your feminine supplies. Go ahead. Click it. This woman has been very clever in creating a bin full of tampons and pads for her master bath. The part that just absolutely killed me was at the bottom. If the box is on the floor, its her subtle hint to her husband that she’s on the rag.

I mean, maybe its just me, but I don’t feel the need to dance around the subject with my husband. It really MUST be just me because based on all of the comments on her post, DOZENS of women are like TEEHEE WHAT A PERFECT WAY! WE’RE SO SNEAKY! SILLY HUSBANDS! I mean, really? Do you also sleep in separate beds? Listen Lucy, I may not like getting my period, but it happens. I’m female and I’m human and my uterus is mostly functioning. My husband, also human, happens to know all about uteruses. Thanks health class. As a result, I don’t see why women need to be so crazy uptight about just saying, “Oh hey, its that time, so you know…beware the cave of wonders.” I don’t call it the cave of wonders, but I might start. Anyways, I digress.

STOP BEING AFRAID OF YOUR BODIES. Seriously. If you cannot talk about your period and acknowledge it to your spouse, for gods sake, no wonder half of the political world thinks you can’t make decisions about your parts! Half of the world has vaginas. Its no great mystery. Get over it. How do you even have sex or consider having children if you cannot look your husband in the face and say the word menstruation without feeling like its a dirty word? Its not about being too comfortable and crossing boundaries. If you are comfortable enough to get naked with someone you should be able to talk about all of those parts and their basic functions.

And please don’t give me the excuse of nosey kids either. Age appropriate information prevents crazy feelings about this. Nips it right in the bud. I have a 5 year old. I have supplies in my purse and in my master bath. Guess what? He asked what they were. I said “lady things”. He never asked again. STOP THE PRESSES! Its just that simple.

I’ll climb off my soapbox now. Back to your regular programming.

“Are you in denial that you’re in labor?”

21 May

That’s the question I got yesterday. I’ve had soooo much back pain lately, it has been miserable. Yesterday I felt like absolute crap. I took a nap at one point and woke up and still felt horrible. Around dinner time, I was officially over it and needed some relief and hot water sounded amazing. I stumbled my way to the bathroom and crawled into the tub and turned on the shower.


The hubs came in to see me on all fours in the tub with the hot water raining down and he looked panicked.

“Are you in pain?”


“Are you contracting?”


He didn’t look convinced. Finally, I just sat back and let the tub fill up and grabbed a towel to use as a pillow. I probably made some unpleasant noises here and there, but the water felt amazing. Then he came back and asked if I was in denial about being in labor. Trust me, I wasn’t 🙂 There’s no baby today is there?! Either way, it was much needed but entertaining to see the look on his face. Poor guy.


19 May

Since 8pm I have done the following…

Made muffins. Two types. Chocolate-zucchini and apple-carrot.

Made 1lb of bacon. I ate two pieces and the rest is currently just hanging out on my stove. It will be lovely for BLTs tomorrow. Or cheeseburgers. Or…eating.

Did 2 loads of laundry. I might do more. Might.

Made tomorrow’s lunch for the child AND the husband.

Prepped veggie snacks for the week….sliced cucumbers, carrot sticks, orange wedges…all in individual containers for us to grab and munch. HEALTHY SNACKS!

And I’m currently debating making some gingerbread.

Someone stop me.