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Crunchy Moms

28 Jul

There comes a point in ones life when you have realizations…

Like when you’re nearly topless from a marathon cluster feeding session holding your baby that is currently dressed in a fitted cloth diaper and baby legs, inhaling the top of your baby’s head because it smells like coconut oil and lavender oil while looking at webpages for amber necklaces and woven wraps for babywearing that were linked in your homebirth discussion group…

Its moments like these that you realize, yep. I’m one of THOSE moms.

Crunchy mom power!!!!


Cloth Diapers

6 Jul

Soooo I love my diapers. I have all sorts…prefolds, pockets, fitteds, AIO. You know what else I love? Diaper affiliate programs. I can earn gift certificates when people buy using my link. I LOVE my Diaper Safari pockets even more then the Fuzzibunz and Bum Genius 4.0s. Frankly, they keep her drier, are SUPER soft, and the microfiber insert holds a LOT. Love the choice of colors, too. The cross-over snaps make them fit skinnier babes and the overall dipe is just soft and not stiff (BG feel so bulky in comparison). Oh, and did I mention that they are very inexpensive? $13.95/diaper is standard, but they have sales OFTEN. Prices get marked down to $8.95 or BOGO…and ALWAYS free shipping! What? Oh thats right 😀

Now, don’t get me wrong, I love all my dipes, but I wanted to let you know WHY I like my Diaper Safari ones before shamelessly putting a link up here. So, without further ado…