Everything is awesome!

10 Jun

Everything is cool when you’re living the dream 😉

Seriously though, California is great. It feels like home and things are amazing. We’re in a primo location. A few hours to Lake Tahoe, only half an hour to San Francisco or wine country. We’ve done so much exploring and we’ve only hit the tip of the iceberg. Farmers markets with (gasp) actual farmers, take note central Florida! No produce resellers here or bags that look like the ones sitting on the grocery store shelves.

The kids are thriving, too. Homeschool has been great, but we recently hit such a perfect stride! The “deschooling” process was rough, but we got our Oak Meadow curriculum after the move and he has jumped in with full force. I decided to buy the second grade and third grade. Even though he has technically been in second grade this year, we had some time off during the move and I feel like certain areas could use a boost. We’ll be working through the second grade package from now until the fall and then picking up with third grade right on time.

Let me tell you, Oak Meadow is fantastic for the big kid! Between his SPD, reluctance to read, but huge love of details and learning…its just perfect. His confidence has skyrocketed and he is choosing to read instead of it being a chore. We are really glad to have found OM. The tiny child just turned two, but insists on doing school with us, so naturally she is included! I’m a fan of Montessori for the younger set, so I’ve set her up with some work. It is seriously exciting to see them excited to get down to business in the classroom 🙂


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