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Big changes!

14 Jan

I have an incredibly legitimate reason for being absent! WE’RE MOVING! So long Florida, hellloooooooo California!

Hubs has accepted a killer job offer in San Francisco and we couldn’t be happier. I’m staying super positive and trying to not pull my hair out. He’s shipping off without me and the kids to start work and we’re tasked with getting the house packed up and ready to rent/sell. Deep breaths! I feel like singing, “We Shall Overcome”! Seriously though, it will be a trying month-ish, but I’m ready to take on the adventure of moving cross country to a hugely diverse, amazing city.

So! All you people snooping around, share your favorite San Francisco tips! We’re house hunting in east bay to give the kids a yard (something they’ve never had), but plan on exploring everything. I’ve got my fingers crossed for comments, don’t disappoint!


And so it begins

7 Jun

1:55am-Woke up feeling “weird”. Frustrated because apparently my day of massive mucous expulsion had increased. Debated going to the bathroom and started to roll over on my back…only to feel a big gush of fluid. Nudged my husband

“I think my water just broke”

“HUH? Why do you think that”

He then proceeds to sleepily feel around the waistband of my undies where it is dry. I proceed to sit up and scoot to the edge of the bed and he can see that I am sitting in a puddle. Thank god we followed the directions of the midwife and had a vinyl sheet under our fitted sheet.

Hubs started changing the linens while I waddled to the bathroom to clean up in the shower. Midwife was called and I was instructed to get more sleep if I could. I guess I should also be thankful I bought the Depends like she said to.

Here we go 🙂

Italia! Part 1

25 Aug

I haven’t abandoned this blog, yet. I promise. We’re back in the US, but there are still updates that need to be made!

So, August 10 we packed up to head to Rome, Italy! Whoohoo! The boys were super excited that we got to walk on the tarmac to head to the plane. The flight was super short, only 1.5 hours to get to Italy. We saw the Swiss Alps from the window and it was breathtaking!

We landed in Rome and holy moly, was it hot! We hadn’t had that sort of humidity and heat since we left Florida. We took a bus from the airport to Termini train station. We were a little discouraged when we got to Termini though. Our hotel was only 200m from the station so we figured we’d walk. Only we had no map. We were given wrong directions from some rude cabbies and one offered to take us to the hotel for $20. We passed seeing as though we were only 3 blocks away! Nice try buddy! We arrived at the hotel and it was really nice. There was an old Italian man at the desk and our room was very nice. He gave us a map and circled all the “must-dos” for our first time in Rome, gave us directions to the Vatican (with the helpful tip of which metro stop to use to avoid crowding), and a recommendation for dinner.

We went to the dinner spot he suggested and it was super busy with tourists. We didn’t mind because we knew that meant we would be fine getting help in English. Food was good and we had a great time. We got gelato after dinner (another must) and it was a great night.

The next morning we went to the Vatican and it was AMAZING. The Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel were just so beautiful and St. Peter’s Basilica was just so ornate. It was really one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. Even James was in awe.

The next day we did the big “ancient Rome” sights. The Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill. Nate LOVED these sights! We took photos with “gladiators” outside of the Colosseum and the guys were really funny. We found a great book that had pictures of all the ruines/sites and then it had overlays for the pictures so that you could see what things looked like during the height of the Roman empire. It made it even more special for him. We tried explaining how old things were and he thought it was super cool. At the Forum you could touch and climb on a lot of the ruins and Nate wanted to touch as many as the old structures as possible. It was cool trying to imagine how things used to be there.