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And so it begins

7 Jun

1:55am-Woke up feeling “weird”. Frustrated because apparently my day of massive mucous expulsion had increased. Debated going to the bathroom and started to roll over on my back…only to feel a big gush of fluid. Nudged my husband

“I think my water just broke”

“HUH? Why do you think that”

He then proceeds to sleepily feel around the waistband of my undies where it is dry. I proceed to sit up and scoot to the edge of the bed and he can see that I am sitting in a puddle. Thank god we followed the directions of the midwife and had a vinyl sheet under our fitted sheet.

Hubs started changing the linens while I waddled to the bathroom to clean up in the shower. Midwife was called and I was instructed to get more sleep if I could. I guess I should also be thankful I bought the Depends like she said to.

Here we go 🙂


BUMP BUMP BUMP. Errrrbody do the bump!

27 May

Its been a while since bump pics. I know you’re all dying for some updated pics…

37 weeks and my maternity suit stopped fitting properly. That’s reassuring.


Or how about last week? 38w and looking like a midsize SUV!



Food is my friend

7 Feb

Its true. Special K with strawberries is my morning friend. Salt and Vinegar kettle chips are my night time sneaky friend that I only see once in a great while. Grapefruit is my best friend, we visit several times a day.

Lets see…I’m closing in on the 24 week mark! That means a crazy great level of viability outside of the womb should I go into premature labor. WHOOOHOOOO. Honestly, the fact that it is actually feasible to hold my little baby girl if something goes wrong and know there is potential to keep going strong…it means so damn much. I’ve waited so long and we’re just inching closer and closer to her being here.

Also, I’m as big as a house. We had a major major growth spurt and there is no denying I’m preggo at all. In the course of a week, the loose fitting maternity shirts I had became tight around my bump. Yikes! I love it though. As much as its uncomfortable and as much as I waddle, its just a big ole reminder 🙂

Speaking of waddling, the boy called me “Little Mrs. Waddles-a-Lot”. I had nothing witty to say in return because its true.

Oh well!

You know what stinks?

8 Jan

Not saving your draft and having the internet browser quit out on you. Darn you non-automatc-save!

Ok, so I was going to go all picture crazy. Your ready for this? First up, my awesome diaper stash!


Look at all those glorious colors! Let me warn you right now, buying diapers is addictive. So addictive that I need to take a break. Once February hits though…its on!

Next up, if you’re wondering what a ridiculously huge pre-20w belly looks like, let me give you a show…

christmas day 17w2d      jan1

Christmas Day-17w2d                                       New Year’s Eve-18w1d

Yep. So round. So baby-full. And I’m only halfway there. If I thought I was waddling before…I fear what 8 months will look like. C’est la vie! She’s growing and healthy and thats what counts. We did another ultrasound last Saturday because I was paranoid that she turned into a he. We’re safe, definitely still a little girl growing in there! Naturally that just means clearance to buy all the girly things in the world. We’ve purchased a few sets of onsies so far because there was a fantastic sale at Target. So fantastic that even my penny pinching hubby couldn’t turn away 🙂

The next question is typically “How are you feeling?” Usually I’m chipper, but I’ll be completely honest. I feel like poop. I was diagnosed with extremely low iron/anemia. It makes me super super tired. It also makes me get these crazy dizzy spells on a regular basis. Not like “hmm that’s odd”, but “Holy crap, I’m sweating, I’m seeing spots, I might fall down”. In fact, I did faint one day. Scared the crap out of the hubs, but luckily, I was at home and didn’t fall down. Iron pills and tons of iron-rich foods. I’m having trouble sleeping and dealing with nausea…still taking Unisom, but it only takes the edge off some days.

Side note, two people on Facebook posted pics of nachos. One posted about Coldstone Creamery, and they were eating spicy pickles on TV. I have ice cream, pickles, and homemade salsa. I drooled a little bit. I might actually eat all of those very shortly. Pregnant eating is terrifying and wonderful.

Talking to the belly…

24 Dec

“Hi (nameeeee)! Its me, Nathan. Your big brother. I’m going to be a really good big brother and I love you so so much. I’m going to take care of you. Tomorrow is Christmas. Bye”

Kills me every time 🙂

Nothing special

10 Dec

Just because I felt like I haven’t updated. Not too much new to report, though. Baby girl has a full name 🙂 Its still a secret though…never know what prying eyes are reading! She’s a wiggly little bug though. Definitely makes her presence known.

Round ligament pain is stupid. The stretching and growing in there is not pleasant at all. Oh well, it comes with the territory.

Its a….

4 Dec

Girl! That’s right, we have a beautiful, little girl growing. She’s active and happy (I like to think so at least). Everything looks perfect. Heart, lungs, brain…all perfect. Heartbeat is perfect. Feet and hands and nose and…yes. She’s 100% healthy and perfect. I cried through the whole ultrasound. Husband and the boy were able to be there with me. I kept peeking and it was so beautiful to have him see his little sister. He loves her so much already. We all do. Its crazy. She waved to us, sucked on her hands, danced, napped…put on quite the show 🙂 We tried to get some 3d/4d shots, but they aren’t the best at this stage. Of course there are pictures 🙂

baby girl says hi!She is waving hi. Look at those little fingers 🙂

3d babyAnd a 3d/4d (I forget which) shot. All curled up and snuggly 🙂

So there she is! I’ll figure out how to do the video, too. Eventually. For now, I’ve just been on a crazy high and its been awesome. I think we already have a name picked out, too. Shhhh! Hubs picked it out and even though we have a list, this one is the only one that “feels right”. You know? Other names are pretty, but just not right. We are currently debating middle names. Or possibly hearing a name that is even more perfect. But I doubt it. I’m pretty sure this is her name. Oh and we’re not telling until much later 😛 This way we don’t have to hear negative comments or have anyone try and change our minds! No thanks, peanut gallery!