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Better late then never

27 Jun

Pics from the birth! None during since it went so fast 🙂 Here’s one taken a few days before she was born.


Huge! And then…we got to meet our little girl!




Check out the moudling on that noggin! Image

She was a hefty girl. No wonder it felt like I was carrying a bowling ball in my pelvis those last  few days.


Big brother got to help our midwife with the newborn exam. He was totally in awe of his baby sister…Image


Giving his sister her first “bath”. Soo much vernix in her hair!

ImageLoving on the girl.


Hello world. Introducing Emma Rose.


She’s here!

9 Jun

I know the suspense was killing you…but she is here! Lets rewind:

Friday June 7, 2013

1:55am- I woke up feeling odd and my water broke! No contractions, husband took care of the sheets and I hopped in the shower. Called the midwife. She let us know that sometimes contractions won’t pick up for a while, so we should try and get some sleep.

2:18am- So much for sleep! We had just settled back into bed and I got a wicked contraction. We crossed our fingers that it was a fluke and then…

2:22am- Another contraction. Crap, 4 minutes apart? After NOTHING?

2:26am- This is really happening. Husband runs downstairs to turn on the porch light. It hurts even worse. I’m on all fours on the bed and call my midwife. She gives me some reassuring words and calls back in a few minutes and talks with the hubs. She says she will start heading to us. I stopped looking at the time.

I turned on some soft lights, found the “spa” station on Pandora, and hunkered down in a nest of pillows. I concentrated on breathing calmly through each contraction and tried to rest during the breaks. I mumbled “another” to hubs whenever a surge would start so he could keep track. I honestly spaced out in my own little world.

The contractions suddenly got harder. I could feel baby so much lower! I let husband know that I would need to push “soon, but now now. Just soon.”

Not too long after, I heard my midwife come into the room with her assistant. She muttered, “She’s in the zone!” and they went ahead silently setting up their gear. They came over and checked baby with the doppler (she was doing great) and took vitals on me. They confirmed my want to push soon. I nodded and said I was almost there…so they checked to see how far along I was. Do I get a gold star for knowing my body? I was 9cm and baby was completely engaged!

Labor got harder and the pain was intense. I went to the bathroom and ended up vomiting. Tried laboring on my knees at the foot of the bed, but the pain was too much. I asked when I could start pushing and got the “ok”. I tried it and it was awful. I didn’t feel the pressure, just sharp pain. It didn’t feel right and I hated it. I tried a few more pushes while contracting and it just wasn’t working. My legs and arms shook and I just couldn’t hold myself up. Baby wasn’t tolerating the pushing in that position either. It hurt bad…looking back, I definitely know that was when “transition stage” labor started.

They helped me move to the bed on my side. One leg high up in the air…let me tell you, it felt great to have my hips that far apart! The contractions were coming one on top of the other at this point and I will be honest, I was really doubting myself. The pain was intense. I started talking nonsense. I told the baby she was mean and bad. I told my husband I hated him. I told the midwife that I wanted morphine. I said I didn’t want to be pregnant. I didn’t want to have a baby anymore. I wanted to go to the hospital and let them take it out.

Of course I didn’t mean any of it. The baby was crowning. Her head was RIGHT THERE. I just needed to say it. I was pushing out a baby, I could say whatever crazy stuff I wanted, dammit! I could feel her head coming out and to my surprise, hubs was watching it! He looked terrified and excited…he was encouraging me to push because he could see her. The tone of his voice was something I had never heard…it was beautiful. He was just so excited to meet his daughter because he could see her coming and he was impatient! It was really, really encouraging. I felt her come down and out more and more with each push and I just became determined. I put my all into it and listened to my team to let me know how close to the finish line I was. And then…

5:16am- She was out. Feeling that little body pop out completely is by far the most amazing, wonderful relief in the world. They put her wiggly, wet body onto my chest and I held her and looked into her eyes. They were wide open and curious, then she took a big breath and started crying. She is the most beautiful little girl in the universe. She just looked at me and cried and I was in love.

The placenta was birthed shortly after…maybe only 15 minutes later. Hubs went to get the big brother since he slept through the whole thing. He walked in and just stared at her. I remember smiling like a fool this whole time. Baby latched on and nursed like an old pro. It was bliss.

8:00am Now, it wasn’t all rainbows and sunshine. Around this point, the midwife noted that I was bleeding a bit more then she would like. We ran through her protocol over the next bit…I got injections of Pitocin and Methergen to help contract and slow the bleeding. Some IV fluids to help keep me hydrated. I had trouble getting up to use the bathroom…felt dizzy and close to passing out. After two attempts, the midwife let me know that I might need a blood transfusion and that she would feel comfortable at least getting me checked out at the hospital. I agreed and they called paramedics for transport. The hospital staff was great. Turns out I did lose too much blood (for an unknown reason) and my decreased blood volume was making me dizzy. On top of that, I was clotting in my uterus and they weren’t coming out with my contractions. I had the clots manually extracted, got two bags of blood, and a room for the night. Baby stayed with me the whole time and I felt great, much to the staff’s surprise. We came home the next afternoon.

What it comes down to is that my homebirth was amazing. Everything went well and the clotting/blood issue would have happened no matter where I gave birth. I regret nothing and I am so thankful that I had the support and experience that we did.

So much stuff

30 Jan

I needed to update. Sorry. Ready for a long post? Snuggle up and get a snack, folks.

Baby progress has been going strong. I’m currently 22 weeks and 3 days. Baby girl is super active, as she has been for weeks. I’m hungry constantly…typical preggo stuff. Some days are great, some days are really hard.

We are *almost* done painting the nursery! We also have the crib (thanks Ikea) and a dresser/changing table (thanks Craigslist). Last night we scored an amazing deal on a stroller and carseat. Top of the line and ridiculously reduced price because the colors were being discontinued…don’t mind if I do. I’m a fan of high safety ratings, so these worked wonderfully.

Lets see…my diaper stash is pretty darn lovely. We stocked up on some prefolds and covers so that we can diaper from day 1! No disposables necessary for our newborn…I hope! The bad thing is that cloth diapers are really really addicting. How can you NOT want the adorable little fluff in every color and pattern? I only have solids, but still…RAINBOW BUTTS FOR ALL!

And now for a little bragging. This is my piece of internet, so I’m totally allowed to do it without feeling like a jerk. My husband is really freaking amazing. I’m so proud of him. He daily busts his butt to provide for the family and still makes time to be a superhero dad. He leaves tomorrow to fly across country for a potentially life-changing job interview. The most awesome part of it is that he wasn’t looking for the job…his credentials caught THEIR eye. As if that wasn’t amazing enough, he had a meeting with a textbook publisher today in regards to the lab manual he wrote for the university. He has met with another company before, but turned them down because they were going to charge the students too much. Today was a big one…he wanted to make sure they would not only make the manual affordable, but also offer a digital version…

And the company said that it was totally doable! Not only that, but they liked his lab materials enough that they asked if he would be interested in writing an actual textbook. WHAT?! So he has another meeting with the publisher next week. Oh and that’s not all…he got pulled into another meeting with his advisor and the publishing rep…to discuss him helping write another textbook. WHAT?

Kind of ridiculous. Fingers crossed that the universe continues to throw all the positivity at my lovely hubs. He deserves it 🙂 I couldn’t be a prouder wife.

Talking to the belly…

24 Dec

“Hi (nameeeee)! Its me, Nathan. Your big brother. I’m going to be a really good big brother and I love you so so much. I’m going to take care of you. Tomorrow is Christmas. Bye”

Kills me every time 🙂

The Big Brother

10 Dec

I think I’m the luckiest mom in the world. My little guy is beyond excited to have a sister. His reading has been not so great, and while me and his kindergarten teacher aren’t worried…he has taken a sudden interest on practicing his skill. It took me by surprise because frankly, reading isn’t something he particularly enjoyed or has much patience for. Until he explained that he wanted to get better at reading so he could read his sister stories. (cue the giant awwwwwww)

He says good morning and good night every day with plenty of belly rubs and hugs through the day. He is looking forward to holding her and giving her plenty of snuggles. In fact, he let me know that while he didn’t want to change her diapers, he will gladly load up the washing machine with dirty dipes!

Best. Kid. Ever.

Its been a year

27 Nov

And we’re pregnant again. We’ve known for a while now…in fact, I am 16 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

We’re technically in the safe zone. Second trimester! WHAT WHAAAAAT! I know things can still go wrong, but the fact of the matter is that as of yesterday we still have a beautiful, strong heartbeat and have had one since 12 weeks. Friday, oh glorious Friday…we can see the little bugger and potentially even find out if it is a boy or a girl.

Oh and we call the baby Speck. When we found out, we told the boy pretty early on because I was so ridiculously sick and we didn’t want him thinking I was dying. He asked how big baby was and we explained about as big as a seed…a speck really. And well, Speck stuck. It grows on you 🙂

So, Speck is great. I have gained a whopping -1lb. I have been sick pretty consistently. I found a magical remedy that simultaneously allows me to sleep AND not vomit all day, so at least I can eat now. Same as with the Peanut, I had to skip into maternity wear pretty early. Unfortunately, I’ve gained another bra size (sad trombone). All in all, normal (albiet) annoying pregnancy symptoms. And they are wonderful. I still get paranoid that things will go wrong, but you know what….all I can do is just keep staying positive. Eat and exercise and just be thankful that so far, everything is healthy.

We’re moved into our new house and have a room that will become a nursery. So beyond thrilled to actually set it up. We’re still unpacking, slowly but surely.

Things are good. Really, really good 🙂