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Food allergies and more

19 Jan

Life is pretty good.

My PPD has waned and I’m feeling pretty awesome. The Husband has a “real” job now and man…that is nice. Helloooooooo health insurance. My big kid was diagnosed with sensory processing disorder (SPD) and anxiety, which is a relief. A doctor took note of some quirks and its nothing a little occupational therapy and physical therapy can’t help. We’ve found some really great tricks for managing the times when he becomes too overwhelmed and life has improved exponentially for him.

The baby is fantastic. Somehow she is 7 and a half months. HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?! Army crawling just before 6 months, she started crawling 2 days after she hit 7 months. I don’t even know what this kid is doing. She stands up and walks along the edge of the couch. She is exhausting.

She is also an allergy kid. Since birth we have suspected food allergies because of her reactions to milk and peanuts through breastmilk, so I have abstained. Well, since starting solids she has had a few reactions. I took her to an allergist and her skin testing turned up positive for egg white, egg yolk, peanut, milk and casein, dogs. We got a blood draw to confirm the positives and we’ll have an action plan by the end of the week. In addition, she has reacted to watermelon and green beans. Its rough. She wants to eat, but we have to be so careful about ingredients and cross contamination. Since she eats anything I eat (via breastmilk), I have to adjust my diet as if I also had the allergies. It certainly makes things difficult when dining out. Whatever I can do to keep her safe though. Seeing your infant panic through an uncomfortable reaction is no fun and I’m just thankful we haven’t had any anaphylaxis.

That being said, I am ridiculously excited to plan a little birthday getaway for myself. Disney is phenomenal with food allergies and I’m so looking forward to a giant bathtub, chilled wine, and being served amazing meals that are safe to eat.

Livin’ the life, let me tell you 🙂


PSA time

30 Oct

We’re going to have some serious talk before I get to the fun baby stuff.

I abandoned the blog (again), but I had my reasons. I am dealing with post partum depression. I’m saying it. I can do that now. It was a long time to accepting it, but I am. I bottomed out and got help and I’m working so hard. I know no one reads this, but on the off chance that another mom stumbles upon this and is reluctant to get help, let me just say this:

Its not your fault. You are a good mom. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

As mothers, we beat ourselves up over every little thing so its no wonder that when you start to feel not in control or those baby blues sink into something more, we panic and then blame ourselves even more. Please don’t. Every new mom has to deal with a slew of hormones that can go off the wall. I’ll admit it, I was embarrassed. I pride myself on being a totally involved mom and my family is my life…so when I could barely drag myself out of bed, when laundry piled up, when dinner wasn’t made I was just ashamed that I wasn’t taking care of things. That I wasn’t being the mom I should be. It only made the PPD symptoms worse. I was worried that if I went to a doctor, they would give me meds and make me stop breastfeeding and frankly, that was the one thing that I could do that made me feel good. I didn’t want to risk losing that.

There are options. So many options. There are meds you can take that won’t effect your milk supply. There are supplements you can take if you prefer homeopathics and herbs. Don’t underestimate the power of talking with a therapist or counselor. People love you. You’re not alone. You can do this.

I’m not perfect, but I’m ok with that. I’m not 100% better, but I’m working on it. We’ll get through it 🙂

Here are some helpful links if you or someone you know is dealing with postpartum depression or postpartum anxiety:

Postpartum Support International  http://www.postpartum.net

Postpartum Dads                               http://www.postpartumdads.org

Postpartum Progress                        http://www.postpartumprogress.com/the-symptoms-of-postpartum-depression-anxiety-in-plain-mama-english